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A little bit about me…

The idea started after a holiday down south with limited alcohol options, we settled for 2 pints of ale, something we wouldn’t have generally chosen, but enjoyed! On returning to the north me and my other half discovered a whole new world of craft ales and the quirky artwork on the cans.

Initially we purchased the beers to collect the artwork on them and obviously to enjoy the taste of the drink! Some cans came with a one off design and the idea formed that it would be useful to transform this into something else.

Whilst also being a candle lover – what woman isn’t?! I started searching the internet and couldn’t find anyone using the cans as candles. I decided to give it a try and see how they would turn out, testing on family and friends at first.

This then became Beer Candle UK. Combining my love for artwork, candles and ale together to create an acceptable way to keep the can on display, in the form of candles, now using cans from breweries all over the world to make candles! Now you can admire the artwork longer, they smell amazing and then you just recycle them again!

A little bit about the product…

The process starts with drinking the beer! All cans used to make the products are upcycled, in an effort to be more environmentally friendly.

A lot of my supply comes from my other half, who reviews craft beer. Check out his Instagram @ipatasters to see potential upcoming stock!

Every can is cleaned and prepped ready for the wicks to be fixed into position.

A custom fragrance is mixed into a container of melted wax. This solution is then poured into the cans and left to cool overnight.

Finally, a safety label is applied, and a handwritten tag is attached to the cans ready for you to enjoy.

Beer candles are available in 3 sizes, 330ml, 440ml and 500ml.

Fragrances for the candles may vary depending on the season. This ranges from traditional smells like Coconut or Lavender, to perfume inspired smells, like Angel inspired or Lady Million inspired.


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A 10% discount will be applied to any orders containing 2 - 12 items. For any orders exceeding 12 items, please contact us via the form on our Contact page.